Prior to starting your design, please visit our Design Tips section. This will help you design a beautifully functional shower and avoid common design mistakes. Also visit our Shower Styles section

Planning and Design


When you call to let us know your enclosure is ready to measure for shower glass, we will schedule one of our technicians to visit. When is your shower ready to measure? Here's how to tell: When the tile or other material has been set permanently into place on all the surfaces that the glass touches, the shower is ready to measure.


When the technician comes to your home, he will measure the enclosure for glass using specialized measuring equipment, review your design options, and show you photos of similar style showers from our iPad catalog.



Within 24 hours of the visit, you will receive a detailed quote via email.

Written Estimate


When you are ready to order the shower glass, call us to place your deposit. At that time, we'll confirm the details of your shower. We will also schedule an installation date within approximately two weeks.

Placing the Order


Our crew will arrive on the agreed upon installation date and install your shower. Typically, installation will take about 2-4 hours, and your shower will be ready for use the following day.